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Jessica is an award-winning international speaker, workshop facilitator, motion infographic designer, and research analyst. She and her colleague Josh Poe are the founders of the Root Cause Research Center which is a grassroots-led institution that collects data, creates data visuals, and trains impacted community members in research and data storytelling.


Jessica Bellamy presents and gives workshops on information design and data equity in the United States and in other countries such as Germany and Canada.  She presents at conferences as well as at universities such as Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Vermont College of Fine Arts, ArtCenter, and Yale.


Jessica is an alumnus of the Adobe Creative Residency program.  She is also a Design Justice advocate.  She started her design career working with nonprofits and community groups to create compelling explainers that break down complex service and policy information.


Jessica's research career began at the University of Louisville's Neurodevelopmental Science Lab, where she worked for nearly five years. She later used her training as a research analyst, as well as her training in community organizing and graphic design to start GRIDS: The Grassroots Information Design Studio, which was a social enterprise that combined all three skill sets to benefit social initiatives.


Jessica graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Louisville (UofL) with degrees in Drawing (BFA), Graphic Design (BFA), Pan African Studies (BA), and a minor in Communication.


Featured in:

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