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Infographics for Social Change: A Graphic Ally Hackathon

Seat Limit: 50

Total Duration: 90mins | 2hrs | 4hrs

On-site workshop

Become a Graphic Ally! Learn how to tell visual data stories to inspire policy change and mobilize information at the grassroots level. In this hands on workshop, we will explore and apply principles of conscious and responsible design to a real world infographic project. Topics covered are as follows: icon drafting, infographic composition, power dynamics in design, data framing, asset vs. deficit mapping, access to information, and grassroots design strategies. Learn how to map out infographic solutions for reaching and activating policy makers, people with resources, low-opportunity communities, and more. Participants will leave with an actionable list of design strategies, and with experience creating an infographic for a local nonprofit or community group.

"I'm really excited to be here in Jessica's session which just wrapped up. She really forced people to come together, and put their heads, wrap their heads actually around hacking a problem that was very personal to a lot of people - alleviating homelessness. And so we actually threw things out and problem-solved on the spot, and got to see what everyone else came up with, so it was great all-around. I highly recommend it."

Sarah Aoun

Speaker at 2017 Allied Media Conference

“The session was extremely helpful in just getting the basics of how to go about creating an infographic, and also really looking at the details of how you want to appeal to your audience. I think my favorite part of it was thinking about whether it's the asset or deficit. I think that point really brings it home in terms of how do you customize the message to really have an impact with, you know, a visual like that. So thank you for doing that!"

Nitya Verma

Ph.D. student in Human-Computer Interaction at IUPUI

"By participating in the 2018 Adobe Infographic Hackathon with Jessica, I learned that there are many ways to use creativity and graphic design to help make a positive impact in our communities. Jessica was so friendly and informative. I still use her tips and tricks when designing posters for campus events"


UCLA Student

"Jessica and the Hackathon were so open to helping us, and asking what we needed. It was meant to be a supportive opportunity. It was meant to be something easy and fun for a local non-profit to not have to put in work, but get something really cool out of it."

Jenna Fiore

Assistant Manager (Free Clothing Program), St. Anthony Foundation

“I was really excited to participate in the Hackathon today because to be able to take our creative skills, learn something new through Adobe's Creative Resident, Jessica, and learn about information design, and then be able to apply it to St. Anthony's is really important to me."

Christina Amini

Publishing Director at Chronicle Books

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