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Designing From The Margins: Spotlighting the Intersection of Design and People of Color

Designing from the Margins is a personal social journalism project that started out as an audio blog in 2016.  In January of 2018, it evolved into an Instagram series that was devoted to revealing how design worked both for and against communities of color. Using my information design skills I created a platform that analyzed design culture, spotlighted designers of colors, and discussed power dynamics in design. It is this designer's opinion that design is a powerful tool that we should use consciously and responsibly. It is important for all creatives to be aware of the fact that design shapes perceptions, creates or defines narratives, and designates credibility and authority. 


Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from my followers, I have decided to seek funding opportunities so that I can continue this work. I am interested in taking on new stories and diving deeper into the Black Aesthetic. There may even be a documentary in the far future.  Dreaming big!


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